Third Grade Internet Safety Lessons

Objective 3.SE.1.1 Understand the guidelines for responsible use of technology hardware.

Activity: Watch the BrainPop Jr movie on the Parts of a Computer

  • Complete the Game to sort the parts
  • Complete the Activity to label each part and tell what is does
  • HOT: Complete the Write About it - describe a part giving clues as to what you look like and what you do, have a partner guess - print to use in class.

Objective 3.SE.1.2 Understand ethical behavior (copyright, not plagiarizing, netiquette) when using resources.

Activity 1:

  • Have students watch the Arthur video "Francine and the Pilfered Paper" where Francine copies and pastes information from the Internet about the food the Pilgrims ate and turns it in as their own. If you subscribe to Netflix, this is available on their instant collection for streaming.
  • Talk with students about ways we can avoid plagiarism (put things in your own words, credit sources used).
  • Photocopy grade level appropriate text about Thanksgiving and have students practice rewriting sections in their own words. Also have students make a simple citation of the text they used.
Activity 2: Faux Paw and the Dangerous Downloads

Objective 3.SE.1.3 Understand internet safety precautions (personal information, passwords, etc.).

Activity: Internet Safety Scavenger Hunt

Activity: UYN

  • Students will watch the UYN Video on NetSmartz
  • They will create a UYN (Use your Net Smarts) Poster in Power Point. They will use cliparts of Webster, Nettie and Clicky and the UYN Logo to illustrate and write about one of the rules for being safe online.
  • Students will print posters and hang next to their computer at home or in the classroom to remind themselves about being safe online, while they are online.external image moz-screenshot.png

Activity 2: Which WizzyWig is it?

Activity 3: Online Safety

Activity 4: Faux Paw Meets the First Lady (Cyberbullying)