Second Grade Internet Safety Lessons

Objective 2.SE.1.1 Use technology hardware and software responsibly.

Activity 1: Use Technology hardware and software responsibly.

  • Go over rules for using technology responsibly
  • Review parts of the computer
  • Draw parts of the computer in Kidpix (label)

Activity 2: Know the Desktop

  • Review the desktop w/students using Desktop Use Notebook file page 4 (Start Button, Windows, task bar, task tray, icons, sound icon)
  • Have students Turn & Talk about which parts of the desktop are most important.
  • Have students play games on pages 5-7 to become experts on the parts of the desktop
  • On page 8 - have students write about why it is important to treat hardware & software responsibly.
  • Have students show how to fix volume using the sound icon
  • Have students Turn & Talk about how to fix the volume on their computer.

Objective 2.SE.1.2 Explain why safety is important when using the Internet.

Activity 1: McGruff & Faux Paw: Adventures in the Internet

Activity 2: McGruff & FAux Paw: Faux Paw goes to the Big Game

Activity 3: Making Good Passwords
  • Students will watch the NetSmartz Video "The Password Rap"
  • As a class, have students complete the following Kidspiration File on choosing good passwords
  • Then individually, students will play the online game "Password Rap"
  • Students can then explore the NetSmartz site for further review.
  • End of Class: Each student turn & talk to share a good password example with a partner

Objective 2.SE.1.3 Recognize the need to obtain permission or give credit when using intellectual property of others.

Activity 1: Clicky's Stolen Song: A Lesson in Digital Ethics

  • Students will watch Clicky's Stolen Song: A Lesson in Digital Ethics
  • Have students turn and talk to discuss why it is wrong to steal a song.
  • Share thoughts with the class: Who owns the song? Who decides what happens to the song? Who decides how much people should pay for the song?
  • Individually - students can play the online game: Clicky's Dance Studio, where they create and record their own song and dance.