Kindergarten Internet Safety Lessons

Objective K.SE.1.1 Identify examples of responsible use and care of technology hardware and software.

Activity 1

  • Students will watch the Brain Pop Movie on Parts of a Computer
  • Students will be able to identify the Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, CPU, and several other devices they may use in the lab. They will sort technology into two groups using a Kidspiration file (Parts of a Computer and Other Technology).
  • Give students statements and have them put thumbs up if responsible behavior, and thumbs down if not responsible.
  • Students that finish early can try to type one thing that is responsible and one thing that is not responsible on their Kidspiration File.
  • If time permits, students can go to the Games and the Drawing section of Brain Pop for the Parts of a computer Movie - see website above.

Objective K.SE.1.2 Remember internet safety rules.

Activity 1

  • Students will watch a Netsmartz Video - "Be Safe Online". See Hanover County's Internet Safety Website for Level 0:
  • Discuss with students that they need to know safety rules when they are on the street, in the kitchen, in a store or parking lot and should also know safety rules when they are on the computer.
  • Open the Kidspiration file "Danger".
  • Students will drag things that are dangerous in or near the Red traffic circle - for Stop! Don't do that
  • Students will drag things in or near the Yellow circle for - Caution, Slow Down, - check with an adult
  • Students will drag things in or near the Green circle for - Go! This is safe
  • Have students compare with a partner in a think, pair, share
  • Share with the class and decide where each item should go.

Activity 2: The Web Connection

Activity 3: Surfing the Web

Activity 4: Tell a Trusted Adult

  • Watch the NetSmartz Video Tell a Trusted Adult
  • Class Discussion: When do we need to tell a trusted adult? Who are our trusted adults?
  • Individually students can play the safe, online Maze Game to help find the trusted adults.

Objective K.SE.1.3 Recognize the importance of respect for the work of others.

Activity 1: