First Grade Internet Safety Lessons

Obejctive 1.SE.1.1 Use technology hardware and software responsibly.

Activity 1: EQ: How do I use hardware and software responsibly (1.SE.1.1)

  • Watch segments 1 and 2 of the Magic School Bus to learn about software
  • Complete the Notebook File on Responsible use of Hardware-
    • Go over hardware parts
    • Things you might see on the desktop
    • Rules for using the technology, how to be responsible with it.

Activity 2: Know the desktop

  • Show segments 38, 40, 41 of the Magic School Bus video above to see what the computer looks like inside

  • Review the desktop w/students using Desktop Use Notebook file page 4
  • Have students Turn & Talk about which parts of the desktop they think are important
  • Have students play games on pages 5-7 to become experts on the parts of the desktop
  • On page 8 - have students write about why it is important to treat hardware & software responsibly.

Objective 1.SE.1.2 Explain why safety is important when using the Internet.

Activity 1: Know the Rules

  • Students will watch the NetSmartz video "Know the Rules". See Hanover County's Internet Safety website:
  • Teach students the rap: Check first, take a friend, tell people No!, tell a trusted adult, now you're ready to go!
  • Have students sing along with the video. Have them explain each part of the rap.
  • Review the part of the video that reminds students what not to do offline, too (never get in a car with someone you don't know, don't give directions to strangers, don't accept gifts from strangers, don't walk with strangers)
  • Students will create a poster in Power Point. Time permitting - type the rap, if not enough time, open the file "Internet Safety 1st" and students should finish typing each line of the rap, including the title. Then they can add a clipart or make a border. Add names using word art.
  • Sample cliparts from NetSmartz:

Activity 2: Knowing the Webville Outlaws

Objective 1.SE.1.3 Recognize the need to obtain permission or give credit when using intellectual property of others.

Activity 1: Don't Steal Like a Pirate

  • Students will watch a NetSmartz Video, Don't Steal Like a Pirate
  • Discussion Questions: Can we steal DVDs and CDs from the store? Can we download free music? Can we copy music, movies and give to friends? Who owns these songs, movies? Why do they need to make money?
  • Individually students will play the online game The NetSmartz Scavenger Hunt to help clicky find the stolen CDs.