Fifth Grade Internet Safety Lessons

Objective 5.SE.1.1 Understand the guidelines for responsible use of technology hardware.

Objective 5.SE.1.2 Understand ethical behavior (copyright, not plagiarizing, netiquette) when using resources.

Activity 1:

  • Talk about Copyright using the Cyberbee Website:
  • Look at several ways to site sources
  • Look at a sample letter to ask for permission to use resources that belong to someone else
  • (This lesson can be found in Kaleidoscope, Week 6)
  • Work on a research project - site sources - or-
  • Have students use an internet site, find a picture and write a caption and title for the picture, possibly a summary. Then use citation machine to site source, or NCWise Owl's citation to site the source - do this in Power Point.

Objective 5.SE.1.3 Understand internet safety precautions (personal information, passwords, etc.).

Activity 1:

Activity 2: Cyberbullying

Activity 3: Creating Internet Safety Videos

  • Students will Watch the BrainPop movie on Internet Safety

  • They will complete the Graphic Organizer while watching the movie internet_safety_5.jpg
  • In groups of 3, students will use their graphic organizer to write an internet Safety Video
  • Students will use Movie Maker Software and their laptops w/webcam to create their internet safety video
  • Videos will be uploaded to their class blog and videos will be watched once per week during class.

Activty 4: Cyberbullying - Part 2